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This page lists all the current pages AND all the outdated pages that are no longer in use. The outdated pages have been archived for historical purpose only - so do not rely upon the outdated information!

Harvey Abrams-BOOKS is an antiquarian book business specializing in Olympic Games & Sport literature, posters, memorabilia and services related to these subjects, and includes this website plus catalog sales, auctions, appraisal services, research, writing and consulting. Harvey Abrams-BOOKS was founded in 1979 during my Ph.D. program at Penn State University in order to build my own personal library on the Olympic Games and grew into a larger business. However I am primarily a scholar and educator, and not a businessman.

As an educator I have included on this site a number of pages that are designed for your educational use in studying the history of the Olympic Games and the History of Sport. The educational pages are strictly non-commercial and offer nothing for sale. Because my lifetime roles as an athlete, educator, historian, and businessman all relate to the Olympic Games and Sport History it is easy to see how these overlap and might cause confusion or even a conflict of interest. For that reason I try very hard to keep these areas separated - in other words commercial is money-making but educational is not. In addition I am the founder of the International Institute for Sport History (IISOH) which is a non-profit corporation organized to operate a Library and Museum for the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games. I originally hosted pages for the IISOH project on my website as a public service - but the IISOH now has its own website and is no longer hosted here. However the pages that were here at one time are listed below for historical purposes but the links will take you to the IISOH.ORG website where they are now permanently hosted.

As you can see these pages are for a wide variety of people: Olympic Games & Sports collectors, sports fans, the general public, the media, and both educators & students! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, but if the questions are commercial in nature -- I do charge consulting fees. So when in doubt - just ask. Contact me at Olympicbks@aol.com or call me 24/7 in Pennsylvania at (814) 321-4018. There is a voicemail service if I am not available.

About this site...
This web site once contained three sections that are color-coded below
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The green section is the IISOH Library & Museum project and has been removed from this website.
The links do work but they will take you to the IISOH website instead.


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3. International Institute for Sport History (IISOH) - (scroll down)

1. Harvey Abrams - BOOKS

HARVEY ABRAMS-BOOKS is an antiquarian book business founded in 1979 specializing in rare & out-of-print books on the Olympic Games & Sport History; as well as Olympic posters, medals, collectables & memorabilia.

My educational background began in architecture but I became a Physical Education teacher and have a BS, MAT and Ph.D/abd in Physical Education. For my Ph.D. I specialized in History of Sport with a minor in American History. I am a professional Olympic Games & Sport Historian, conducting independent research, writing and publishing in various subjects. I started my antiquarian book business in 1979 in order to build a personal library on the Olympic Games and help my professional colleagues and graduate students develop their research collections. The business grew and today I also serve institutions, libraries and collectors worldwide through mail order catalogs, private treaty sales and auctions. An additional service that I provide is appraisals of Olympic Games and sports collections.
The book business pages are commercial in nature.
(All the pages are now being updated and they are being numbered for better webmaster control. You can identify each page in the lower left corner where you will see the initials "hab" which stands for "Harvey Abrams Books" followed by a three digit number. If I get to a thousand pages it will go to 4 digits. Above the page number you will see the date of the latest updates to that page, so you will be able to determine if the page has changed since your last visit. For example "hab001" is page 1, my front page).

  • hab001 FRONT page for this web site -- frequently changed.
  • hab002 Buying, Selling & Services Available
  • hab003 CURRENT SALES LIST - Olympic Games Official Reports, Posters, books
  • hab004 1992 Barcelona Official Report - English edition
  • hab005 1992 Barcelona Official Report - Spanish edition
  • hab006 SITE NAVIGATION page for this web site -- this page. It will be frequently changed and updated.
    Not all pages link from the front page -- such as the poster pages.
    This was the original front page in 1996 and has been frequently revised and enlarged.

  • hab007 1992 Barcelona Official Reports - Discount schedule
  • hab094 How to send payments
  • OLYMPIC CENTURY set, 24 volumes
  • CATALOG 15 - Olympic Games Library Auction
  • CATALOG 19 - Olympic Games & Sports literature
  • CATALOG 19 - Catalog Schedule
  • Consignments
  • hab024Books & Posters on Gymnastics
  • hab019Books & Posters on Wrestling
  • hab025 Track & Field Posters and Art
  • Books & Posters on Fencing
  • Books & Posters on Fencing, page 2
  • Books & Posters on Duelling
  • hab023Munich 1972 Diary by Richard Mandell
  • hab010 1972 Munich Olympic Posters: History of the ART SERIES & SPORTS Series POSTERS known as Edition Olympia
  • hab013 1972 Munich poster by Allen Jones
  • hab012 1972 Munich Olympic Posters- ART SERIES
  • hab0111972 Munich Olympic Posters - SPORT SERIES - also known as the VENUE POSTERS
  • Olympic Posters
  • 1936 Jeunesse Olympique poster / Riefenstahl
  • 1924 Paris Poster
  • hab018WRESTLING POSTER Ringen Plakate - Affiche de Lutte
  • ROSE BOWL 1995, Penn State vs Oregon -- Official Souvenir Program
  • hab094How to Send Payments to Harvey Abrams-BOOKS
  • Penn State Alumni
  • hab008 Relocation Consultant & Guide to Central PA
  • Physics Book Library
  • Physics Journals
  • hab090 Central HS of Philadelphia Class 226
  • HUMOR PAGEjust for fun....

  • 2. Olympic Games & Sports History Pages
    Educational resources and links in my subject specialties -- Olympic Games, History of Sport, Physical Education, Sports & Athletics, Wrestling & Fencing, Sport in Art, Expositions & World's Fairs. These pages are designed for school students, university students, researchers and the general public. In order to promote the Olympic Movement and Sport History in general I expanded my web site with pages on the Olympic Games - ancient & modern, Physical Education, Sport History and many related subjects with numerous links.

    These pages are purely educational in nature with no commercial advertising.

  • Olympic History Pages
  • Ancient Olympic History & Sources, Links
  • Modern Olympic Games
  • Questions and Answer Page
  • NOC Directory Page 1
  • NOC Directory Page 2
  • NOC Directory Page 3
  • NOC Directory Page 4
    Sport History pages:
  • Henry VIII and Sport

    These pages are under development....

  • History of Sport Pages
  • History of Physical Education Pages
  • History of Wrestling Pages

  • 3. International Institute for Sport History* (IISOH)
    Library & Museum

    Incorporated March 19, 2001 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a non-profit educational, literary and research corporation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code in order to operate a Library and Museum devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

    The IISOH (International Institute for Sport History) was originally hosted here from 2001 to 2009 as a public service. The pages were non-commercial. The pages were relocated to its own website on October 21, 2009: http://www.iisoh.org - check it out.

    *(The original name of the Institute was International Institute for Sport and Olympic History but the name was changed as of November 8, 2011 as a condition of settling a lawsuit with the United States Olympic Committee over the use of the word "OLYMPIC" in the corporate name.)

  • Directory to all IISOH pages.

  • PRESS RELEASE of MAY 16, 2003.
  • ROCKY statue & the Boxing Endowment.

  • Public Announcement & Mission Statement - IISOH incorporated March 19, 2001.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • IISOH Bylaws.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Membership; join or donate money now!
  • Endowment Program.
  • Sports Philanthropy.
  • How to Donate Books or Collectables.
  • Ancient Roman Sport & Dance Endowment.
  • Archery Endowment.
  • Athletics or Track & Field Endowment.
  • Baseball Endowment.
  • Basketball Endowment.
  • Boxing Endowment.
  • Fencing Endowment.
  • Football Endowment.
  • Golf Endowment.
  • Gymnastics Endowment.
  • Rowing Endowment.
  • Soccer Endowment.
  • Swimming Endowment.
  • Tennis Endowment.
  • Water Polo Endowment.
  • Wrestling Endowment.
  • Yachting Endowment.
  • Building Plans.

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      Mr. Harvey Abrams
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      Telephone: (814) 321-4018
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