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Get a discount when you purchase two (2) or more sets:

2 sets special:
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International delivery is extra at cost:
Buyer is responsible for customs clearance and any import fees or taxes.

PAYMENT IN FULL is required for shipping.
SHIPMENT will be June- July - August, 2024

These sets (4 volumes) weigh approximately 32 pounds when packed.

Available in the ENGLISH language edition or
the SPANISH language edition....

You may order sets in either language and combine them for the best discount.

The OFFICIAL REPORT gives extensive details on the preparations before the Olympic Games, planning and execution of the Games, all sports results with lots of color photos, and in-depth details of every aspect of these Olympics. Here is an extensive description of the contents: Description of Barcelona Reports

These sets make excellent gifts and can be tax deductible:
  • An exceptional gift for colleagues, business associates, or your important clients.

  • Use as an award for employees or as good-will for your business.

  • Donate copies to your local library or university.

  • Promote the Olympic Movement by placing copies of these magnificent books where the public can see them and use them - Libraries, Scout groups, sports clubs and organizations, or other non-profit youth groups.

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  • Transferwise/WISE online Money Transfers
    TRANSFERWISE/WISE is an excellent & secure online payment system, very efficient, very easy to use, very low fees.

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email: Olympicbks@aol.com

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