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Memoria Oficial de los Juegos
de la XXV Olimpiada
Barcelona 1992

    Barcelona COOB'92, S.A., 1992.
    4 Volumen.
    I. El reto. (460 pp).
    II. Los medios. (432 pp).
    III. La organizacion. (428 pp).
    IV. Los Juegos. (456 pp).

    ORIGINAL Price: $600.00
    My regular price: $475.00

    2024 SALE:
    $ 475.00 postpaid in the USA* for the 1st set
    only $299.00 for the 2nd set.
    Get two (2) sets for $774.00 postpaid in the USA.

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    1992 Barcelona Official Report - Spanish language edition.
    Memoria Oficial en espanol.

    To see the 1992 Official Report in English click here:
    1992 Barcelona Official Report - English language edition.

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