Catalog Liquidation Sale

Catalog 11
Issued 1993-1994
Books, Printed Matter, Graphics, Medals

The Catalog

The 32 page catalog listed 235 lots of material on Expositions and World Fairs from 1847 to 1939 with a small auction included. The balance of the material is now offered for sale at a discount ranging from 10% to 40% off the listed prices. The printed catalog is sold out.

The Short List:

A computer printout with abbreviated authors and titles is also available for $2.00 or free when you send
a self-addressed-stamped envelope (SASE). The condition and details of the items are not printed on this list -
only in the catalog - so you will need to inquire.

Payment for purchases can be made by check or money order drawn in US Dollars on a United States bank, direct bank transfer, or with VISA / MASTERCARD via MONEYGRAM.

Payments should be sent to:

Harvey Abrams-BOOKS
PO Box 732
State College, PA., USA 16804
Tel: (814) 321-4018


Harvey Abrams-BOOKS
P.O. Box 732
State College, PA, USA 16804
Tel: (814) 321-4018

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