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The links on this page will take you to many hundreds of other sites that have information about the Olympic Games. Some are very good, some are not very good, some are real &*^#! Most are in English but you will find other languages also -- review them carefully because their sites also have English pages that might be helpful. AND -- it wouldn't hurt you too much to learn a second language!! Remember that the internet is NOT a replacement for a good quality library where you can find real books and newspapers. Web sites and pages can -- and do -- disappear without notice.

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Updated February 20, 2008
These pages are dedicated to K & A.

The internet is always changing -- so pages that once existed can disappear forever for many reasons. The writer may have died -- so all their pages disappear when the bill to host their pages on a web server isn't paid. Sometimes the internet service company itself goes out of business (it has happened to me twice already). Sometimes the pages are replaced with newer pages -- such as with museums and libraries -- after their exhibitions have changed. HOWEVER -- there is a way to find some of those lost pages. Try this web site -- INTERNET ARCHIVE WayBackMachine ( -- which is scanning internet sites and saving them for historical research. As of October 2006 they had over 55 Billion pages. If one of the links below does not work -- copy the link and plug it into the Internet Archive search engine to see what they have.

Listed in no special order (for now)

The Official website of the Olympic Movement
The International Olympic Committee English site, Lausanne, Switzerland. This page has flash -- if you cannot read this, go to the site map, below.

IOC pages - SITE MAP -- no flash

The Olympic Museum - Lausanne,Switzerland
Museum of the International Olympic Movement

Beijing (China) - host of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, August 8 - 24, 2008.
The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Athens 2004 - host of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, August 13 - 29, 2004
This web site no longer exists but it points you to two others. Try this link at the INTERNET ARCHIVE ( When I did a test I found 968 pages. Also -- try GOOGLE and type in "2004 Athens" to search for other sites that may still exist.

Salt Lake City Winter Olympic 2002 home page
Not certain how long this site will remain

International Olympic Truce Centre

The Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles (AAF)
They have lots of useful information at their web site

Olympic Studies Centre - Barcelona, Spain
Lots of information with many links in English

Sydney Olympic Games Information. (Summer 2000 Olympics).
These pages are archived -- they cover many aspects of the 2000 Olympic Games and are now hosted and managed by the State Library of New South Wales, Australia.
About the Sydney 2000 Games

The many pages of Sydney 2000 have bounced around as planned archives changed. The following information is out of date, but shows the changes that have taken place.
Olympic Studies: University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.
A resource center that will house the archives of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. A library collection with books, videos, photographs are also housed here.
This site replaces the site of the Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of New South Wales, which was closed by the University on March 31, 2004. See their closure notice at: Centre for Olympic Studies - NSW
Gamesinfo -- the archived sites of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

The First Olympic Games, Athens, 1896
A Greek site with lots of information about the 1896 Olympic Games in English

The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936
Hosted by the United States Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC

The 1956 Melbourne Olympic Web Site
Hosted by the State Library of Victoria, Australia
This site has been archived on PANDORA - AUSTRALIA'S WEB ARCHIVE.
If the above link does not work then try this one:

The Copernicus Education Gateway -- Gateway to the Summer Games
Not sure how long this site will stay up

An Olympic Quest. Learn More About the Olympics. by Jennifer Lederhouse.
For kids and teachers. More links here, but they might not work.

Myths About the Olympic Games by David C. Young. ARCHAEOLOGY magazine online, April 6, 2004.

United States Olympic Committee (USOC)
Very fancy page with many links and lots of information

Herman's Sites on the Olympic Games
This guy has done a lot of work on his site - lots of information including lists of athletes, NOC's and their flags, etc.

National Olympic Committees Directory -- my compiled list.
NOC Directory compiled by Harvey Abrams.

Olympic Volleyball History

Olympics Results and Other Material -- specializing in data and statistics.
Hosted by the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics, formerly at the University of Exeter, and now at Plymouth University, in Great Britain
This site moved to Plymouth University:

Lots more to come -- I have hundreds of links to add!
Come back often!

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