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Welcome to my website

I am a retired Health & Physical Education teacher (BS., MAT., Ph.D/abd.) and an Olympic Games and Sport Historian.
As a freelance researcher, writer & consultant I am available for short or long term contracts.
Harvey Abrams-Books is my Antiquarian book business founded in 1979 while I was a Ph.D. student at Penn State University.
My website first appeared online in 1996 and has gone through several versions at different hosting sites.
In March 2020 I traveled to Europe and arrived on the day that all airports shut down, COVID kept me in Austria for 2.5 years.

I am the founder and President of the International Institute for Sport History (IISOH) Library & Museum
being developed in Pennsylvania. This non-profit corporation seeks to build a comprehensive collection of sports literature
in order to preserve for posterity the history of all sports, in all languages, from ancient to modern eras.
My antiquarian book business will remain open, and separate, from the IISOH at the request of the Board of Directors.

I split my time between Pennsylvania and Vienna, Austria.

This entire website is being rebuilt and is NOT up-to-date, sorry!
My focus has been on building the website at www.sportlibrary.org, and
due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was stuck outside of the USA for 2.5 years.

Limited inventory is available for sale now but cannot be shipped until June & July, 2023.
The expansion of my inventory and sales that were planned for late 2020
have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic until 2024.
Today is MAY 13, 2023.

UPDATE: May 13, 2023: I am in Vienna, AUSTRIA and will be in the USA in June and July. My website is out-of-date so please inquire about availability and prices - most pages are not up-to-date.

Harvey Abrams, BS, MAT, Ph.d/abd
Olympic & Sport Historian

2023 SALE
Free shipping in the USA

Special spring event: order and pay by June 01, 2023 and get 25% off the price, pay only $299.25 NOTE:

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games
Official Report

Memoria Oficial de los Juegos de la XXV Olimpiada Barcelona 1992

Available in either ENGLISH or SPANISH

Large, heavy books, inside slipcases
4 volumes, 1776 pp.

Price: $399 postpaid in the USA

Sport in Art Poster Series

Sponsored by the IISOH

This is a public service for the IISOH.

The IISOH is a non-profit corporation.

The poster is designed to promote
As a generic gymnastics poster it promotes
the sport of Gymnastics worldwide
in ten (10) languages.

Visit the IISOH website here.

See GYMNASTICS POSTER details here.

IISOH Library & Museum Fundraiser

ROCKY #3 of 3
An original bronze statue by A. Thomas Schomberg
IISOH Museum acquisition campaign

To be acquired by the IISOH Library & Museum

Fundraising events for the IISOH Library & Museum
A Pennsylvania non-profit corporationunder section 501(c)3
of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible.

Go to the IISOH website at

IISOH links are posted here as a public service to the non-profit corporation.


International Olympic Academy
20 - 40 - 60

Founded in 1961
20th Anniversary 1981
40th Anniversary since 1981
60th Anniversary 2021

In 1981 I was a member of the USA delegation to the International Olympic Academy in Greece.

It was the 20th Anniversary of the IOA which was founded in 1961. It was the first Olympic function following the 1980 Moscow Games, thus it was a diplomatic nightmare because the USA had led a boycott of those Games. It was the year that CHARIOTS OF FIRE, a movie about the 1924 Olympic Games, won an Academy Award as "Best Film."

My family, cousins/relatives that owned a Department Store chain in New England, donated complete sets of uniforms for our delegation. However the parcels were delivered by an employee to the wrong airport in New York. Our delegation flew from Kennedy Airport to Athens but the uniforms were delivered to LaGuardia Airport, lol. Even though the uniforms made it on the next flight to Athens the Greek Customs Officers refused to give them to me because I did not have a receipt. Those uniforms are still sitting in some warehouse in Athens.

I have created several pages to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1981 IOA, the year I attended, which would be the 60th Anniversary (hence "20-40-60"). I am gathering our history from as many sources as possible and list the USA delegation (6 people) as well as all the participants at the Academy in 1981. Go here for the IOA pages.

Original Vintage 1928 Olympic Poster
AMSTERDAM Olympic Games


Price - $18,000 postpaid

Original, Vintage
Ludwig Hohlwein
1936 Winter Olympic poster

Price: $4,300.00

Ludwig Hohlwein (1874-1949)

Lithograph, excellent condition (A-)
Professionally mounted on linen
40 x 25in. (102 x 64cm.)
Free shipping worldwide

Original, Vintage
1972 Munich Olympic Sports posters

Used in Airports, train stations, etc.
PRICE: $375.00 each, postpaid.

Free shipping worldwide via media rate

Otl Aicher was the head designer

Posters & Books

GYMNASTICS: The Art of Sport
by Eileen Langsley

see also....

1972 Munich Olympic Gymnastics poster

Placing an Order?
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March 04, 2023 - this page is not up-to-date yet,
so the information is not accurate. Some payment forms have changed.

Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
International Institute for Sport History
Library & Museum
PO Box 732
State College, PA. 16804

Sport in Art Poster Series
NOC Directory
Olympic History Pages

1972 Munich Olympic poster
by Allen Jones

$450.00 plus shipping

1972 Munich Olympic poster
by David Hockney

David Hockney open edition poster.... Inquire please (USA).
- David Hockney open edition poster....Inquire please.
- Limited edition of 4,000 is available! Inquire please.
- Limited edition of 200 is NOT available.

Wrestling Poster 1001
Wrestling Books

Wrestling Poster
Ringen Plakate - L'affiche de Lutte

This Wrestling poster
is in 5 languages!

English, French, German, Spanish & Latin.
Wrestling - Lutte - Ringen - Lucha - Luctatores

$20.00 postpaid
See the wrestling poster & a discount schedule here
for using this generic, historical poster
as a fund raiser for your team....

Limited edition of 1500 copies
Well illustrated!
Olympic Wrestling
Throughout the Millennium.



I have four (4) pages devoted to the POSTERS
of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games

Olympia 1
My History Page for the 1972 posters officially known as:

Olympia 2
1972 Munich Olympic

Olympia 3
1972 Munich Olympic

Olympia 4
1972 Munich Artist series

  • 1928 Amsterdam
  • 1932 Lake Placid
  • 1936 Berlin & Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • 1940 Helsinki

  • Official Report of the
    1940 Winter Olympic Games
    in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    In German

    Including a separate letter
    explaining the cancellation
    Cloth covers
    VG+ condition, some foxing.
    $3,200.00 postpaid

    Olympic Games & Sport History Pages
    Written by Harvey Abrams, BS, MAT, Ph.d/abd,
    Physical & Health Educator, Olympic & Sport Historian.

    These pages are designed to offer basic information on the
    history and origins of the Olympic Games, ancient and modern,
    with lots of links to other sites. An educational service
    in order to promote the Olympic Idea.
    These educational pages have been relocated to the IISOH
    where they will be permanently hosted.
    See these pages here....


    International Institute for Sport and Olympic History

    has changed its name to the

    International Institute for Sport History

    effective November 8, 2011

    The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit educational, literary and research corporation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The IISOH was organized to operate a Library and Museum for the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

    The IISOH website was hosted here from 2001 to 2009 as a public service and has moved to its own website at


    As a public service we post here an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT page for the donors who have supported the IISOH.
  • Acknowledgement

  • Fencing Books & Collectables

    Fencing Books
    Over 100 lots of antiquarian and out-of-print books on Fencing in English, French, German and Spanish.
    Inquire for available stock - inventory to be done this summer.



    Winter Olympic Games Collection
    Medals, Memorabilia, Uniforms, etc.
    retired referree's collection
    (seriously delayed)

    Winter Olympic Collection

    [Delayed]. HUNDREDS of items are being catalogued and will be listed here - from the personal collection of an international figure in Figure Skating - a retired referree - including uniforms, medals, books, souvenirs, - a beautiful Winter Olympic Games collection.


  • Olympic Games & Sport History pages
  • International Institute for Sport History

  • Self Defense Instruction
    Personal Defense
    By Appointment only.

    1936 Olympic Games
    Official Reports
    - Berlin
    - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    RARE English edition
    1936 Berlin Official Report, 2 volumes

    1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Official Report,
    German edition

    Official Report of the
    1940 Winter Olympic Games
    in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    In German

    Including a separate letter
    explaining the cancellation
    Cloth covers
    VG+ condition, some foxing.
    $3,500.00 postpaid


    Buying & Selling
    Consignment sales
    Appraisal service
    Research, writing & consulting

    Olympic Specials - Books, films, etc.
    Current sales list


    Current Sales Page: GO HERE!
    Olympic Games posters, Olympic films; Olympic books

    Munich 1972 Olympics book
    The Olympics of 1972: A Munich Diary
    by Richard Mandell.
    He was a guest of the German Olympic Committee and
    this is his personal observation, from an insider's view.
    University of North Carolina Press.
    1st edition with dust jacket -- not a reprint.

    Want to place an order?

    email: Olympicbks@aol.com

    Ask a question, place an order, inquire about catalogs or consignments.

    Catalog Sales, Private Treaty sales & Auctions
    Catalog Schedule & Subscriptions

    Consignments of Olympic Games material are accepted, such as books, posters, medals and unique collectibles. We do not accept Olympic pins on consignment unless offered as a large collection to be sold in lots. Sports literature is welcome on almost all sport subjects. Books in all other subject areas are welcome only as a large collection to be liquidated (such as physics, history, art, science, etc).
    Sheppard's Book Dealer Directories
    Richard Joseph Publisher's Ltd. & Sheppard's Book Dealer Directories

    We are pleased to be the North American representative of this British Publisher. These book trade directories are essential for all libraries, bookdealers and collectors. Complete listing here.

    World Fairs & Expositions
    World Fairs & Expositions

    Catalog 11 - Expositions & World Fairs is now listed on this site. Originally published in 1993-1994 the catalog is out-of-print. But there is some remaining inventory still available - inquire about the inventory if interested.

    Central High School
    of Philadelphia, PA

    Class 226
    Web page hosted by Harvey Abrams

    The 50th anniversary reunion of the 226 took place in 2017. Gee, we are getting old! See the link to the CLASS DIRECTORY and the links to individual pages for each class member.

    226 Class Directory listing almost 500 classmates



    50 Years
    International Amateur Boxing Association

    Volker Kluge, editor-in-chief.
    Berlin: International Amateur Boxing Association, 1996.
    192 pp., plus 16 pp. unpaginated Appendix with statistics.
    ISBN: 3-00-000314-2

    50th Anniversary of the International Boxing Association (Federation)

    row 10, column 3 -
    look for something to be added here.

    Contact - Kontakt

    Mr. Harvey Abrams
    Specializing in History of Sport and the Olympic Games since 1979
    P.O. Box 732
    State College, PA, USA 16804

    email: Olympicbks@aol.com

    home page: https://www.harveyabramsbooks.com

    The International Institute for Sport History (IISOH)
    has moved to its own website at

    We also have a very nice site being re-built at www.iisoh.org

    Host to the Central High School of Philadelphia
    Class 226 web pages

    Latest updates May 13, 2023

    I will be rebuilding and updating all of the pages on this web site in 2023.
    It is VERY slow and time consuming - water freezes in the dessert faster than I can write computer code, lol.
    Please send me the url of broken links!
    My focus is on www.sportlibrary.org and developing the IISOH endowment.

    Harvey Abrams (BS, MAT, Ph.D/abd in Physical Education)
    Educator in Health & Physical Education
    Director of Sport & Student Activities, JFK School, West Berlin, Germany (1982-1987)
    Retired wrestler, wrestling coach, FILA referee
    Personal Defense Instructor
    Olympic Games & Sport Historian
    Independent Scholar, researcher, writer, consultant
    Antiquarian bookdealer, appraiser
    Graphic designer, photographer
    US Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Trials 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984
    International Olympic Academy (IOA) 1981, representing the USA
    Founder, Philadelphia Amateur Wrestling Club (PAWC, 1973)
    Founder, HARVEY ABRAMS-BOOKS (1979)
    Founder, International Institute for Sport History (IISOH, 2001)
    Central HS of Philadelphia (BA degree, 1967 - the "226")
    Penn State University (BS, 1971)
    Southeast Missouri State University (MAT, 1972-1973/1979)
    Concordia University;
    Boson Sports College, Stockholm, Sweden;
    University of Jyvaskyla, Finland;
    University of Augsburg, Munich, Germany
    Penn State University (Ph.D/abd)

    LINKS - IISOH Library & Museum
    A Pennsylvania Non-profit corporation

    International Institute for Sport History
    Articles of Incorporation
    IISOH Bylaws
    Board of Directors
    Mission Statement
    Charter Membership Program & Donations
    Donor Acknowledgement - A Public "thank you"
    Endowment Program
    Subject list of endowments
    Sports Philanthropy
    Internship & Volunteer opportunities


    Olympic Games & Sports related pages:
    Current Sales List
    1972 Munich Olympic Posters: ART SERIES & VENUE POSTERS
    Harvey Abrams-BOOKS: Buying, Consignments, Appraisals
    Gymnastics books & posters
    Wrestling Poster 1001
    AIBA Fascination Boxing; 50 Years AIBA
    World's Fairs & Expositions:
    Catalog 11 - Expositions & World Fairs
    Book Trade Directories:
    Sheppard's Book Dealer Directories

    LINK: Central High School of Philadelphia -- 226th class (1967)

    CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL of Philadelphia, PA
    Class 226 -- Main Page

    226 Class Directory listing almost 500 classmates

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