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1972 Munich Olympic Games

Complete Set
29 original Art Series Posters

PRICE: $3,500.00
postpaid, airmail delivery, insured worldwide

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The official Olympic emblem
designed by Otl Aicher, Coordt von Mannstein and Victor Vasarely

Limited edition of 3,000 on heavier paper
PRICE: $600.00 plus shipping
(Included as poster #29 in the complete set below)

The Story behind the SPIRALE Design

    The SPIRALE design was created by Otl Aicher, the head of the graphic design team for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Aicher's design was originally a simple sunburst but because it resembled other, similar symbols (trademarks) it was rejected by the Organizing Committee. A competition was opened for all German graphic artists and 2,332 designs were submitted in the 1972 logo competition.

    Amazingly all 2,332 designs were rejected. The Organizing Committee returned to Aicher's design and asked for changes. Aicher then had four design teams work on a new version of his spiral sunburst. The final revision of Aicher's SPIRALE design was a black and white version of the rays twisted into a circle, the work of German designer Coordt von Mannstein of Graphic team Cologne. The logo was further revised by adding fifteen colors, the work of artist Victor Vasarely. Many sources incorrectly attribute the entire design to Vasarely. This is most likely due to the fact that Vasarely signed the limited edition poster and it is the front cover of a graphic design book. In reality the design, and thus the poster, is a collaborative work of three designers - Aicher, von Mannstein and Vasarely.

    There were two serigraph versions printed - a limited edition of 200 serigraphs on heavy paper, hand-signed and numbered by Vasarely, and a limited edition serigraph of 3,000 copies on a heavy weight paper (heavier than the typical poster).
    The SPIRALE poster size is larger than the other posters in the series: 30.8 inches by 39.4 inches.
    You may purchase this poster alone for $600.00.

All 28 posters from the Art Series are illustrated below
The 29th poster is the emblem poster illustrated above.

Now You can own the COMPLETE SET (all 29 posters) --
including the SPIRALE poster by Otl Aicher.
Limited supply - priced at $ 3,500.00 (three thousand-five-hundred Dollars).
Shipping is included in this price worldwide with insurance.
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1972 Munich ART SERIES Posters
also available individually

Go here for the 1972 Munich ART series price list
if you prefer to buy single posters and not the entire set

I have four (4) pages for the
1972 Munich Olympic Posters

Olympia 1
My History Page of the series known as
Edition Olympia

Olympia 2
1972 Munich Olympic
Olympia 3
1972 Munich Olympic
Olympia 4
1972 Munich Artist series

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