Commemorative Boxing Book
Never widely sold.
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Fascination of Boxing.

(alternate title on front cover)

50 Years; International Amateur Boxing Association.

Volker Kluge, editor-in-chief.

Berlin: International Amateur Boxing Association, 1996.

192 pp., plus 16 pp. unpaginated Appendix with statistics.
ISBN: 3-00-000314-2

Book cover Fascination of Boxing
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Contributing authors:

Sfar Abdellaziz (Tunisia)
Bertolt Brecht (Germany, 1898-1956),
Dietrich Denz (Germany),
Jerry Dusenberry (USA),
Dr. Siegfried Ellwanger (Germany),
Ulrike Heitmueller (Germany),
Ernest Miller Hemingway (USA, 1899-1961),
Homer (Greece, around 8th century BCE),
Prof. Emil Jetchev (Bulgaria),
Dr. Peter Jako (Hungary),
Volker Kluge (Germany),
Jack London (USA, 1876-1916),
Dr. Kurt Maerker (Germany),
Maurice Maeterlinck (Belgium, 1862-1949),
Dr. Ismail Hamed Osman (Egypt)
Tomisla Papak, (Australia)
The Right Reverand George Sainstbury, VG (Great Britain)
Dirk Schmidtke,
George Bernard Shaw (Ireland, 1856-1950),
Teofilo Stevenson Lorenzo (Cuba)
Edward Thangarajah (Thailand)
Hans-Peter Thomas (Germany),
Karl-Heinz Wehr (Germany),
Prof. Dr. Guenter Witt (Germany)


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