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1972 Munich Olympic Games Poster Series


This is the official poster for the sport of GYMNASTICS
at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.
This event was held at the gymnastics hall in Olympia Park.

84.5 x 119 cm., (33 x 47 inches)
This is the OVERSIZE poster - not sold to the public.
Nr. MINT condition.

PRICE: $250 plus postage*

*Shipped rolled in a tube via US mail, priority rate, insured.
USA delivery: $20.00
International delivery: $45.00 via US mail, airmail, Priority rate, insured.
Shipping cost includes the tube, postage and insurance.
Additional posters can be included in the shipment at no extra for postage.
Pennsylvania residents are subject to an additional 6% State tax.

How to Order

Send your order and payment in US Dollars to:
Mr. Harvey Abrams
PO Box 732
State College, PA USA 16804

Payment in US Dollars is accepted via:
1. Check
2. Money order
3. Cash in US currency via registered mail.
4. Bank transfer to my bank account (Details will be sent upon request; add $10 wire-in fee).
5. VISA, MASTERCARD and other credit cards via MONEYGRAM
MONEYGRAM is available online or in person at Walmart and CVS Pharmacies, and at Post Offices in the UK.

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PO Box 732
State College, PA, USA 16804
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